How Do You Value Dairy Antiques?

As we strive to encourage the collection of dairy antiques, we buy a significant portion of our store’s items from the public. Therefore, we at Dairy Antiques have developed a fair valuation system to ensure that antique collectors profit from the venture. With a combination of our research methods and valuation system, our offers are the best you can get for your dairy antiques in the region.

What Kind of Dairy Antiques Do You Purchase?

Milk bottles, butter churns, or veterinary equipment? We take great interest in all kinds of dairy equipment. However, our passion goes beyond conventional dairy equipment. We also place a premium on old adverts, dairy publications, and milk tokens you might have.
You could let us take a look at dairy antiques in your possession by contacting us.

What Do You Do with Dairy Antiques in Your Collection?

At Dairy Antiques, we make our collection available for public consumption with displays. We also conduct extensive research to provide individuals with useful information about the origins of these items.

Dairy to Babies

Here is an info graphic a reference and guide for our baby's food. Dairy products know the perfect timing to introduce milk and dairy product to your babies.

A Brief History of Milk

Before antique milk equipment came, people had to discover milk. When did humans start drinking milk? Human beings have drunk milk for about 10,000 years since the domestication of animals. There is no other mammal that continues to take milk after weaning; it is only...

Dairy Facts

Diary Antiques

If you are looking for something in particular, please feel free to ask. We have too many dairy antiques so we can't display them all.  Also, let us know if you have items to sell or trade.  We are especially interested in the...

Smoking: An Unusual Preservation Method for Dairy Products

Food storage and preservation is almost as important as the food itself. That's because we can't use all the foods immediately we collect or harvest them. Therefore, we have to store them properly to prevent spoilage, and so they can be used at other times. We can't...

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