How we got started collecting

Old things around the dairy always interested me.  My grandfather grew up in South Dakota and had many stories about farming when he was younger.  My first dairy collectible was a Golden State Cream Top milk bottle.  Nothing special but that was how it all started.  I originally collected embossed milk bottles because I liked the older bottles and their history.  Now I have gotten started in color applied bottles because they display so nice.  However I’d have to say I enjoy the pre-1935 bottles the most.  It took a couple of years till I got up the guts to buy my first butter churn.  It turned out to be a mismatch, an Elgin top on a Dazey jar.  I did not even realize it at the time.  The person I bought it from swore it came that way.  I’ve learned a lot since then and have added many butter churns to my collection.  I stumble across cream separators every now and then and love the mechanical aspect of them.