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Building a Collection of Dairy Antiques

Interest in antiquities has piqued over the years. And fuelled by recent advancements in technology and a growing need to preserve history, this casual pastime has grown into quite a profitable venture. Amongst the classes of antiquities that interest the general public, dairy antiques hold significant potential.

With the historical background of milk processing dating back to over 10,000 years, dairy antiques make an exciting collection.

Besides the conventional equipment used in collecting milk from domesticated mammals, a significant portion of dairy antiques comprises innovative solutions developed to solve the challenges of storing milk properly and curbing the spread of diseases.

However, one does not need to go as far back as a millennium to find dairy antiques worthy of collection. With most dairy companies over recent centuries creating innovative sales and adverts, advert signs and dairy tokens make for an exciting addition to milk cans and bottles.

You do not require any qualifications for gathering dairy antiques besides a trained eye and ample storage space. Hence, you could begin building your collection of dairy antiques today.

Flea Markets



Online Stores

Where to Look for Valuable Dairy Antiques

Like most items of value, collectors encounter significant trouble finding valuable dairy antiques. Besides locating these items, rising interest in antiques has led to an increase in counterfeits’ production. Therefore, collectors have to deal with the added responsibility of sifting through the trash to ensure that they have only genuine items on their hands.
However, you could find valuable dairy antiques by looking in these places.

Flea Markets

You could begin your search for dairy antiques at these second-hand markets. Although most flea markets now deal mostly in new and imported items, they are still an excellent place to look.

Also, you have a better chance at purchasing dairy antiques for a lower price at flea markets.


Live auctions also hold significant promise for finding antiquities. However, if you plan to resell the dairy antiques you purchase at an auction, you might be put off by the prices.

Nevertheless, you have better chances of finding genuine antiques at auctions.

Online Stores

You could also build your collection of dairy antiques by buying from online antique stores. With the variety of items such stores possess in their vast collections, you have a higher chance of finding the antiques you seek at their store.

Besides offering reasonable prices for antiques on offer, these outlets also provide you with valuable information about their collection items.

Our Mission

We believe in the need for maintaining a comprehensive record of the evolution of milk processing and consumption. Therefore, at Dairy Antiques, we strive to serve present and future generations by preserving the rich history of dairy products. We achieve this purpose by building a vast collection of dairy antiques.


Our Vision

We aspire to become a leading dairy antique store at the forefront of preserving collectibles. By providing our clients with only genuine dairy antiques and buying from collectors, we aim to increase public interest in dairy antiques and build a healthy reputation with dairy antique enthusiasts.

Our collection of dairy antiques are selected after diligent research and vetting process.

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